Washington Medical Clinic LLC

Comprehensive Care Clinic located in Silver Spring, MD

About Our Clinic

Washington Medical Clinic LLC provides personalized, high-quality care for children and adults in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the surrounding communities, led by Elizabeth Obi, DNP, FNP. The Washington Medical Clinic team believes in fostering an environment they would choose for their own family members.

The clinic offers various medical services for all ages, including family medicine and psychiatric care. 

In addition to treating chronic health conditions, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), the clinic treats everyday illnesses, such as urinary tract infections (UTIs).

They also offer specialty programs to aid in weight loss management, for Suboxone® treatment for recovery from opioid addiction; nutrition and diabetes programs, mental health, and pain management.  

Washington Medical Clinic LLC is equipped with the latest medical technology, including electrocardiogram (EKG) testing and in-house lab work, allowing the team to provide innovative and effective treatments in addition to complete physical exams and men’s and women’s health screenings. 

The clinic’s highly trained and experienced staff strives to provide a comfortable environment for all patients. Emergency physicians and primary care providers offer personalized care based on each patient’s unique health concerns. With a focus on preventive care, the team provides exceptional care throughout life.

At Washington Medical Clinic LLC, the team is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of their patients through compassionate, convenient, and high-quality medical care. Call the clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.